The White Queen

That one time…White Queen



Momentary madness+Scissors

Real Time Reaction

This is real time and in order.
Amazing. 🙂
What is she thinking??


How to Connect with Anyone (in 5 quick minutes)

Have you played the Cube-Ladder-Horse-Flowers-Storm Game?

Play. You’ll be glad you did.  Ready?

I want you to imagine a desert, stretching out as far as your eyes can see. In this desert is a cube.
-Your first task is to describe the cube. You don’t have to do it out loud, just see it. What does it look like? How large is it? What is it made of? Where exactly is it?
>>There are no right answers here, only your answers.  Take a moment before you continue – the detail is important.<<
-As you look at the desert and your cube, you notice there is also a ladder. Your second task (there are just five) is to describe the ladder. What is it made of? How big is it? Where is it, in relation to the cube?
-Now imagine that in the scene there is a horse. (Yes, horse. I didn’t say this desert made sense). Your third task: describe the horse. Most importantly: where is the horse, and what is it doing? Where, if anywhere, is it going?
-We’re nearly there now. In the scene before you are flowers. Your penultimate task: describe the flowers. How many are there? What do they look like? Where are they, in relation to the horse, cube, ladder and sand?
-Final question. In the desert there is a storm. Describe the storm. What type of storm is it? Is it near, or far? What direction is it headed? Does it affect the horse, flowers, cube or ladder?

Go HERE for the rest – the explanation. Thank you Oliver Emberton.

Then, of course, play it with all of your friends, kids, spouse, coworkers.  Let me know what those 5 minutes get you. 🙂 Report back on @estherdclarke on twitter, Instagram or on my facebook wall.

Oh, and as a bonus challenge?  Use the word “penultimate” today.

Newborn Photography, a Lesson in Choices and Action

In the Moments when the decisions matter choose the very best you can see and move.

Once newborns are 10 days, the moment is gone.

Even if your favorite baby photographer lives 30 minutes away and you are a working mother of 5. Take it from me, you won’t regret it.  In this case? The right choice is Julie at 7b Studios.  Everytime.

So easy going, patient, and my sweet pics are beautiful.  And yes.  I know.  The baby is 15 months now.  I know.  But i’m gonna be straight honest and tell you that tonight is the very first moment where me, the files, and a computer have all been together in peace.  Julie, I LOVE THEM!  Thank you for preserving this moment.

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Brothers are so cool and so painful.

Watching Joseph and Morgan race to the front door of school unplanned and unprompted, and Morgan about two steps behind, with Joseph looking over his shoulder every other second to make sure he’s still ahead.
Knowing that at some point Morgan will be bigger and stronger than Joseph.
Weird moment. Do you get it? Do you have boys?
The little brother dynamic is so fascinating, and terrifying.

True Temptation is:

That moment when you have eaten three fourths of the chocolate cake and the temptation morphs into a belief(lie) that the best way to stop being tempted is to finish the cake and have it be gone.

Apply to your temptation of choice as needed. The lie still won’t be true.


Everybody Loves Free Stuff

Hello Darling Family and Friends!No, (1)

An Open Letter to Teachers of Difficult Children, From Your Most Adoring Fan

Current cultural context refers to the word “disposition” as the look on your face and the way you treat others. In actuality, disposition is one level deeper. It is the belief you have that fuels the look on your face and the way you treat others.

231011361_4a4a257a60 (2)

Try as you might, you will never fully hide the way you feel about the people who surround you.
What you may not realize, is that your disposition about those people shines loud-and-clear to us. And more importantly, to them.
I know that teaching is supposed to be about letters and numbers and learning from our history and so much more. But in my child’s eyes, teaching will always be about Love. Love, second chances, forgiveness, and bright potential.

Check your disposition.

And those of us who are not teachers? We could benefit from a little disposition evaluation too.

Thank you, to the teachers of my darlings, for playing such a vital role in their growth. I adore you.

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